Top 5 Best Pocket Mini Projector Reviews You Must Read

If you’re looking to buy a pocket projector, here are some pocket mini projector reviews you should consider reading.

Are you worried about your luggage weight limit or the available packaging space for your business trip? With a pocket mini projector, you can still deliver that big presentation, and all you require is a handy device that easily fits in your pocket. As versatile and robust as the traditional HDTVs can be for business applications and home theaters, they are often less than portable for people who are constantly on the move. Pico projectors are designed around value and portability. Although their picture quality cannot be compared to that of high-end televisions, they benefit from the versatility and pocket-size dimensions. Whether you just want to play the latest NETFLIX movie in your backyard or want to make a presentation at your client’s office, the Pico projector is an excellent tool.


Mini projectors fall in the middle of the pack in the modern-day projector market. For buyers with small or bigger budgets, the options for micro projectors are limitless.

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The best portable projector in 2017?

The DL-S6 is a Pico Projector from WeJoy, with integrated in Android operating system and also support for AirPlay and also Miracast matching of...

The Eight Best Mini Projectors to Buy in 2017. Watch Films and Provide presentations with these Mobile mini projectors

Remember projectors? Those secondhand devices your instructor would use to discuss slides together with the course? Well, a new class of smaller, brighter apparatus has moved into that create casting pictures, photographs, and presentations a snap. They are available in a variety of sizes, from pico into palmtop and upward, and extend range of qualities which make them ideal for home theater fans, on-the-go small business presenters and much more. Go through the listing below to locate the very best mini projector to suit your requirements.

The Q6 tops our list of greatest mini projectors due to its characteristic richness, smart layout, good connectivity options and remarkable 1,280 x 800 native resolution. The machine, which measures 4.03 x 6.5 x 1.34 inches and weighs only 1.1 lbs, comes in a range of six fun colors. It is rated at 800 ANSI lumens and has a 30,000:1 contrast ratio, so the image is observable even if your area is not overly dim.

Unlike many modest projectors, this one provides Wi-Fi connectivity, which means it is possible to easily stream out of your cellular device of choice through its EasyCast Guru program — no wires required. And, as a result of the 2.5GB of memory that is accessible, you may even download media right into the Qumi internal memory and then ditch your apparatus. With native support for popular file formats like DOCs, PPTs and PDFs, it is a perfect match for business people. And while it also jobs pictures, minor rainbow artifacts and inadequate speaker functionality may deter you from using it in your house theater.

With a native resolution of just 800 x 480, the Elephas 1200 lumens LED miniature portable projector may not be the most effective little projector you can purchase, but it is definitely the ideal budget one.

On a positive note, this projector features excellent connectivity options: It’s two USB ports (such as a 5V interface), 1 HDMI interface, a 3.5millimeter audio interface, an AV port and an SD card slot. Taking into consideration the price point, it’s fairly decent speakers, also, but if you are capable, we would recommend hooking up committed speakers through the audio jack. Additionally, it is surprisingly quiet, making viewing movies much simpler. If you are wary of purchasing a budget apparatus, its 12-month guarantee and two-month hassle-free return/replace policy ought to allow you to rest easy.

The very small RIF6 CUBE is a silver two- x 2- x 1.9-inch block that weighs only five ounces, so that it easily slips into your bag. (The block shape, nevertheless, makes it not so pocket-friendly.) On one side it’s a USB Micro-B interface for charging, a power switch and a headset jack. On the other hand, it’s a microSD card slot, also a miniature HDMI port along with a very small focus wheel.

It would be tough to discover a projector which Amazon reviewers are far much more in love with. Nonetheless, the RIF6 CUBE does have some flaws: it does not connect wirelessly and movie quality might be better. But if you’ve got layout in your mind, this projector would be the thing to do.

Sure, it is costly, however, the Optoma ML750ST is well worth its steep price tag. The LED projector has a native resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and will upscale video articles to 1080i. Together with 700 lumens, it yields high colour accuracy and generates a gorgeous, bright image.

The ML750ST’s short throw ratio of 0.8:1 is also to thank you for its remarkable picture quality. When many projectors need a 1.2:1 into 1.5:1 ratio to endeavor a massive image, the ML750ST could sit rather close.

The ML750ST has run-of-the-mill connectivity choices, including an HDMI interface, a USB interface, a 3.5mm audio output and a microSD slot. Its integrated file reader makes it a terrific choice for business programs, however. It’s possible to project PDFs, DOCs and much more from a USB thumb drive, and therefore you don’t have to hook this up to a notebook. Regrettably, it does not have an internal battery, which means you have to remain within a range of a power socket, but when utilized within a workplace setting, that should not be an issue.

If it comes to projectors, comparison ration is a significant element. When it’s too low, it’ll be tough to find the display, even in dim surroundings. The P300 is just one of the cleverest pico projectors available on the current market, with 400 lumens plus a strong 813:1 contrast ratio. The P300 also offers a short throw distance. It is possible to put the projector as close as four feet from the screen and still receive a decently big and bright image. This makes it a fantastic projector for both business and gambling equally.

It is not quite long enough to see a complete picture, but if you have a spare battery, then you’re going to be OK. As an alternative, you could keep it plugged in through HDMI. In addition to this, in addition, it has connectivity alternatives for VGA, Composite A/V relations, also microSD and USB readers. Unlike the majority of other little projectors, the P300 includes a remote, which allows you to adjust volume and change inputs, along with other items.

About as big an iPhone 6S, the 8.5-ounce iCodis G1 pico projector is easily among the lightest devices on this listing, which makes it ideal for virtually any on-the-go. But lightweight does not mean it lacks electricity. Its 100 ANSI Lumen bulb may project a display of around 120 inches, with native resolution of 854 x 480, also it’s 30,000 hours of LED life.

It’s plenty of input selections to get a pico projector: You can opt to view networking through Miracast, Airplay, Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB or MicroSD. The G1 homes a 3000mAh built-in rechargeable battery, and this is going to keep you operating for approximately two hours. Additionally, it includes a tiny tripod for simple mounting and steady viewing. Amazon reviewers compliment its blend of durability and power, although its one defect may be sub-par colour precision.

We particularly love it because of its built in Wi-Fi. Just like a intelligent TV, it is possible to stream media in your mobile devices directly to the projector. Compound that with the fact that it’s 1,200 lumens and you have got yourself a projector that is great for watching films or playing games at a darkened atmosphere. (If your primary use is for PowerPoints and company presentations, we advise that you take a look at the very best for Business class above.)

A few Amazon users lament that the restricted resolution produces images that may be clearer, but given its cheap price, but many are pleased with the functionality.

If you are following a projector using a best-in-class throw, then look no farther than the ASUS S1. The throw ratio, also referred to as the distance from the projector’s lens into the display, is 1:1, which means it’s possible to find a huge image without having to sit the apparatus too far off. It is fairly compact, measuring only 4 x 4.3 x 1.2 inches and weighing .75 lbs, and it is placed in an aluminum chassis with a slick concentric-circle finish.

It packs 200 lumens, has 854 x 480 native resolution along with a display size of around 100 inches. Due to its restricted brightness, some Amazon reviewers complain that the picture can look washed from the text can be hard to read. Nonetheless, the S1’s 6,000 mAh built-in rechargeable battery can produce up to 3 hours of usage, which gives it a significant advantage over other pico projectors.

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When Are Mini Projectors Useful?

Just like the commonly used business projectors, mini projectors are extremely versatile tools for business and home users alike. Physically, they are designed like small set-top boxes or large mobile handsets. If your desire is to show content like videos, movies or games outside of your living room, a pico projector is very portable and easy to move from one place to another. It is also possible to connect an Apple or Android smartphone to your mini projector provided you have a video output accessory.

A mini projector can also be useful in the office. This gadget is easy to tote in your bag or briefcase, and a majority of them have impressive battery ratings; two qualities that make a pocket mini projector perfect for making presentations on the go.

Before we can look at the best pocket mini projector reviews for 2017. let’s look at attributes you should consider when buying a mini projector.

Buying A Mini Projector: What Attributes Should You Consider?

1. Picture Quality and Brightness

A majority of mini projectors are manufactured around either LED or laser projection hardware. While both hardware aspects have their weaknesses and strengths concerning the image quality, their differences are a telltale indicator of the essence of brightness. Particularly if you will project in a non-traditional environment such as in the outdoors or during the day with a lot of ambient light in the room, you will require a projector that’s bright enough to create pictures that are crystal clear. A projector with a brightness rating of not less than 250 lumens will display any kind of media in almost all environments.

The technical image quality also plays a major role in your overall viewing experience. It is important to evaluate your desired projector’s color accuracy by measuring how well it renders an array of colors. Although laser projectors normally have low brightness ratings, their projection hardware is usually more superior to that of traditional LED projectors.

Sound Quality

Before buying a mini projector, it is worth noting that audio fidelity is rarely a strength for most pico projectors. Due to their small sizes, these projectors often have to rely on one low-powered speaker for purposes of audio output. Although some high-end projector models normally have speakers that can be used at high volumes, the audio quality is in most cases poorly defined and thin. A majority of Pico projectors usually come with Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio output support so they can connect to an external speaker for excellent audio quality.

Picture Quality and Resolution

Just like standard desktops and home laptops, every projector is typically designed with a specific resolution. The default resolution usually varies from one projector to the other but can be compared to the standard or HD television. Better yet, a majority of low-resolution projectors can still display HD content such as video games and Blu-ray movies, but since the image must be downsized, the image quality is generally compromised.

Throw Distance and Room Size

If you will need to frequently more your projector from one board room to the other, make sure you are well versed with its throw specifications. The projector’s throw ratio significantly determines the screen size range and is calculated by dividing the distance of the projector from the screen by the projected image’s width. A projector with a small throw ratio is going to display a large image when close to the surface being projected on while models with large throw ratios must be positioned further away in order to create a large display.

Battery Life

A mini projector is a portable gadget, and if you’re always on the go, you will need its battery to last. While it will rarely occur that you have to use your projector where there are no power outlets, it’s overly inconvenient to tailor your use to the period your battery lasts. Most mainstream projectors come with batteries that last between one and three hours.

The Connectivity

If you’re a home user, you will only require an HDMI port, but if you are a business user, you will need a mini projector with an array of connection options. If you have to move between business and offices, there is no guarantee that you will be connecting to devices with modern outputs and inputs. Besides the conventional HDMI ports, a business-friendly mini projector should feature extra options such as audio output and VGA ports.

Top 5 Best Pocket Mini Projector Reviews For 2017

1. Optoma ML750ST LED Projector


The Optoma ML750ST LED projector’s stellar construction and excellent in-class performance make it a perfect centerpiece for your boardroom or living room. This projector touts a resolution of 1280X800 pixels and has the capability to upscale video content up to 1080i. Despite being an LED projector, the Optoma’s picture quality is in line with most modern, laser-based mini projectors. This gadget has a short throw ratio of 0.8:1 which makes it an excellent device to project images of pristine quality. This projector doesn’t need to be far away from the display surface so as to project a large image.

This mini projector has many standard connectivity options in addition to an integrated document reader for use in office presentations. It’s possible to display DOC and PDF file formats from a USB drive without connecting to a laptop. The projector’s excellent design suits its outside design. It is among the smallest mini projectors with dimensions of 4.2X4.1X1.5 inches and 0.8 pounds of weight.


– Phenomenal image quality and contrast ratio
– Light in weight
– Robustly built
– Easy to set up


– Lacks Bluetooth audio support
– Has no battery option


2. AAXA M5 Mini Projector


Being one of the flagship models in AAXA’s mini projector lineup, this gadget’s strength lies in its focus on the details and fundamentals. This LED-based mini projector boasts of a 1280X800 pixel resolution and has the capability to upscale your video content to 1080p. This projector also comes with a bulb with a brightness rating of 900 lumens. The AAXA M5 mini projector also features a full suite of business and home user-friendly connectivity options. The sides and rear of this mini projector include full-size HDMI input, VGA support, a micro SD slot, standard 3.5 mm audio output and a composite video support.

With regards to the build quality, this projector is sturdily built, and with only 1.9 pounds of weight, this gadget is easily portable. Besides being a pocket size projector, the AAXA M5 also comes with a case that has a 5-inch tripod that you can use to adjust it in large rooms. It also has a remote that helps with aspects such as volume control and keystone angle adjustment.


– Excellent zoom capabilities
– The build quality is excellent
– The brightness is perfect for use during the day
– This projector is very easy to use
– Wide variety of inputs and outputs


– This projector can be noisy
– The image quality is not bright for some purposes

3. LG PH550 Minibeam Projector


LG MiniBeam Nano ProjectorIf you’re a home theater enthusiast or user looking for a versatile mini projector, then the LG PH550 has numerous options for you. Unlike many other mini projectors, this projector is slightly bulkier with dimensions of 6.9X4.3X1.7 inches in addition to 1.4 pounds of weight. Either way, it is a lot easier to carry around compared to the standard full-sized projectors. All over the body, this projector boasts of a deep bench of port options. Besides the standard HDMI input, composite video and USB storage support, this projector touts a coaxial connector and Bluetooth audio output. With the coaxial connector, it’s possible to hook your mini projector to an over-the-air television broadcast.

An impressive aspect about this mini projector is its wireless mirroring function which connects it to a tablet or smartphone accessing all the necessary content for projection. The gadget’s LED lamp can display rich, natural colors for up to 30,000 hours. This implies that the lamp will function for ten years without the need for replacement.


– Makes small test perfectly readable
– Excellent selection of connectivity options
– Has a fast boot up speed
– Delivers 550 lumens which are sufficient for daytime presentations
– Good battery life


– Has a relatively large form factor
– Lacks a micro SD slot

4. Philips PPX4935 Pocket Projector


For basic business users and home entertainment enthusiasts, this mini projector offers a strong set of features and a steady build quality. Externally, this gadget is among the smallest mini projectors with dimensions of 4.5X4.5X1.3 inches and weighing 0.77 pounds. Because of the Led technology and SmartEngine System integrated into this projector, you will enjoy colorful, bright and perfectly contrasted high-definition images. This projector is not short of connectivity options from Wi-Fi to HDMI and the screen mirroring function that lets you share web content or project videos and pictures directly from your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

Although this mini projector comes with a standard remote for settings and navigation, it’s possible to control it through menus available on the easy-to-navigate touchpad on the top. Better yet, the Philips PPX4935 Pocket Projector comes with a Bluetooth audio function that helps you connect it to external speaker for exceptional sound and home cinema experience. Its battery power offers autonomy and mobility so you can easily make presentations, watch movies or view pictures for 2 hours without recharging.


– The display is bright and clear
– Long battery life
– The projector is small and light
– This projector is easy to use


– Touchpad is too sensitive thus resulting in inaccuracy
– Mobile phone mirroring quality is poor
– Lacks out-of-box support standards like VGA

5. Vivitek Qumi Q8 Pocket Projector

In a highly competitive product category like mini projectors, Vivitek definitely deserves a bit of credit for making this gadget stand out. You can buy this projector in an array of primary colors with polished and bold finishes. Weighing 1.08 pounds and having modest dimensions of 6.3X4X1.3, the Q5 isn’t noticeably bulky or heavy and can be thrown in a bag when you’re heading out for a presentation with your board members. This mini projector also comes with a remote the size of a gum pack that features several options such as volume control and input switching that give it some added versatility.

A slight inconvenience about this gadget is that it lacks an internal battery which implies that it can only be used when plugged into a socket outlet. On the flip side, however, this mini projector boasts of a 4GB built-in memory in addition to a USB port for memory expansion. This projector’s numerous connectivity options allow you to use it on various portable devices like but not limited to tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Compact and versatile, this device is excellent for sharing content at home or work.


– Has a steady brightness which is excellent for dark and bright viewing environments
– Simple remote menu system
– The projector’s fan is pretty quiet
– Very sharp images


– The built-in speakers have thin sound
– Comes with no battery
– Doesn’t have a micro SD slot

The Verdict

While all gadgets mentioned in our pocket mini projector reviews earned their rankings due to their performance and excellent image quality, the Optoma ML750St wrestles them all. With a stellar image quality and short throw distance, this high-definition projector will work in any environment.

Movie-like home Theatre projectors for Amusement within your reach

Going to the movies is a great experience particularly for young people living an extremely stressful life of work and worry.  But for many who can’t afford to squander the time travel to and out of movie theatres, the answer to escaping everyday life may be just within your own living space.  Bring home the sight and noise of movie theaters along with your very own home entertainment system.  The very best home theater setup may really consist of premium quality components which may bring on the whole film theater experience without needing to drive out of your home to the movie theatre spending time and effort tiding heavy traffic.  This contemporary invention will give you the comfort and expertise real life picture theatres supply.

With the fundamental components like the huge speakers and screen using clear and flicker free pictures from a premium excellent DVD or hard drive may offer the nearly real movie theater experience.  Home entertainment specialists recommend that before you decide on the last setup and equipments for your home entertainment system, the dimensions of this place maybe the very first consideration.

In case you’ve got a small size area for your home entertainment system, tv series could be best positioned in the middle and three speakers put on the left, right and centre may be sufficient to supply the surround sound that you need in a movie theatre.

But in case you’ve got a larger location, a home entertainment projector may be better to supply the major screen necessity.  Home theatre projector screen can supply the real-life picture theater experience.  Thus, it’s necessary that in the event that you’ve got a massive space for your home entertainment system, in conjunction with your home entertainment projector and home entertainment projector screen, including more speakers round the area may be a fantastic recommendation.  A subwoofer can also help to offer the very best surround sound that can allow a picture cinema surround sound come into your living area.

There are all kinds of different designs and models that you can choose from for the own home entertainment projector.  You might want to read about them before you choose purchasing one.  It could also be necessary that you require the help of a house entertainment designer so as to complete the home entertainment bundle that will provide you the very best amusement.

This may avoid having to shell out unreasonably for your home entertainment system for example your home entertainment projector.  Purchasing enormous capacity equipments for your home theater is possible particularly in the event you don’t understand what would be the probable options and their differentiations that your home theater might need.

A too big home theater projector display along with the entire setup of your home entertainment system ought to be of excellent consideration.  Your home entertainment designer may also supply choices which might not expect a television series for your home theater.

How is this so?  The cause of this is your technological inventions supplied by your personal computer and home theater projectors.  Home theater projectors such as InFocus screenplay versions perhaps used with computers and little room setup.  Home theater projectors will also be lightweight and possibly transported easily.  Because of this, using home entertainment projectors for business presentations can be useful.

Home entertainment projectors and home entertainment projector displays might help to provide the same experience as in the theatre, even for company this set-up might be exceedingly useful and consequently is becoming popular.

Your home and workplace home entertainment system installation is an innovation just a few smart customers could avail of.  But, I am certain that understanding all these choices as well as the simple tv, three speakers and DVD player could possibly be worthy for men and women that wants a home theater, then you might not really want a house entertainment projector in the event the room for your home entertainment system isn’t really huge.  Read as much reviews as you can, we have a lot on this site about pocket projectors and think about all potential alternatives.  You will then have the comfort movie theaters without needing to wave heavy traffic going to the cinema yourself.

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