The Best Projector Manufacturers

There are over 70 projector manufacturers selling projectors worldwide. These are companies fully setup with supply, service, and service. In fact, there are hundreds of different producers, mostly, Chinese, that sell projectors from big to the very little Pico ones. We don’t monitor those as if available, from firms such as, we cannot be sure of if they give professional support and support. Therefore, these will be the significant makers you should be contemplating. Just about all of that are counted one of the top 30 producers of business and education projectors.

From every one of these projector maker descriptions are hyperlinks to individual manufacturer web pages, so you will have a good overview of the best projector manufacturers.


Here is the list in now particular order:


benq logo

BenQ is a Taiwanese maker of pellets, best known in america because of their home theater projectors. BenQ provides a sensible choice of company and school pellets, such as anything from pico projectors and sub-1 pound “micro-portable” projectors to little industrial projectors. BenQ projectors almost utilize only DLP technologies, although lately, BenQ continues to be incorporating LCD projectors to its lineup.

BenQ has scored more than their fair share of awards for their home entertainment area, through recent years. BenQ has been an innovator, for example being the very first DLP projector maker to provide lens change on moderate and lower-priced projectors. We provide an extensive database that will assist you to discover the ideal BenQ projector for you


canon logo

Canon produces high-resolution small business projectors that are packed with industry-leading technology which provide Canon projectors an aggressive advantage. Canon projectors deliver adequate brightness and very clear image for demonstrations. Canon’s reputation for cameras follows through to Canon projectors and are frequently used by those that are mostly concerned with excellent color precision. Canon projectors can also be employed with the intention of replicating medical pictures from high-resolution detail. This really is a testament to the technological inventions of Canon projector technologies. Interestingly, Canon doesn’t create home entertainment projectors! We provide tools and a good deal of Canon projector testimonials here.


Dell Logo

Dell projectors utilize DLP technology. The creation of this DLP chip provide consistent image quality, reliability, and can be found at a reasonable price point. Dell projectors provide high contrast, exceptional brightness, and an inexpensive price. Dell chiefly specializes in mild weight portables out of pico projectors on upward and is among the best vendors of mobile projectors in America. We’ve got all of the tools here to help direct you to the Dell projector that meets your requirements.


epson logo

Epson is your number one projector maker in the world and can be a dominant player in most markets in the USA, such as home theater projectors, business projectors, and instruction projectors. Epson makes just projectors with LCD technologies and also creates the LCD panels to get just about everyone else — Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Panasonic, and several more. .

Epson is the only firm offering multiple all round projectors, such as their MovieMate lineup, and their full Epson projector-based house theaters which include this projector, a display, speakers, along with a DVD player — the Epson Ensemble HD. Epson projectors have won more awards on than people of some other maker, however, in equity, Epson also creates more pellets than some of its competitors. Our database covers a broad line of Epson projector versions. Learn everything you Want to know about Epson projectors, such as reviews and Useful tools.



Hitachi has long been among the top-selling manufacturers of business and education projectors. Hitachi doesn’t dabble in home entertainment projectors. Hitachi’s lineup covers from extremely small to big, strong pellets, and Hitachi’s main focus is the education marketplace, both for K12 and higher education. Hitachi will claim to possess the #1 market share in schooling projectors. Hitachi, such as Epson, is among the very few big manufacturers that choose to just use LCD technologies in their own counterparts. We ask you to look through our user database to discover the specifications you’re searching for in a Hitachi projector.


infocus logo

InFocus is the last surviving large title in American Idol and is probably still the most recognized brand in the business. Several years back, InFocus was more than only a brand — folks would say “I want an InFocus” if they had a projector, just as you would request a “Kleenex” when needing a tissue or “Aspirin” whenever they had a hassle. In 2009, openly traded InFocus was bought and is currently a private firm only producing and promoting projectors for business, education, and residence.

InFocus projectors still remain a number of their very highly regarded in the market, having won several awards when has analyzed them. InFocus is among the prominent producers of a company and K-12 projectors, the majority of which utilize DLP technology. Even though there’s far more competition on the market now, InFocus is still regarded as a premier manufacturer of projectors. Feel free to peruse our comprehensive database that will help you in locating the Infocus projector which you’re searching for.


Lg logo

LG projectors are rather fresh in the US marketplace, but versions sold in the EU and elsewhere have been in existence for many decades. LG has a solid presence in the pico and mobile projector markets, and home theater also. LG is in the process of greatly raising its US market visibility, with brand new versions.

Optoma is among the biggest vendors of business and home theater projectors in America With roughly two-dozen models complete, Optoma may be the most famous producer of the smallest pellets, the Pico projectors. One of the versions took top honors in our current Pico Projector Report. Search our database, browse our projector testimonials. Peruse the Optoma sources here.

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M is basically a science-based business, making tens of thousands of creative products: from healthcare and highway security to office goods and abrasives and adhesives. 3M has over $25 billion in sales each year, and are traded at the NYSU (ticker: MMM).

3M have an energetic pico-projection app, with 3 productions already released, all predicated on LCoS technology. 3M were among the first firms to really offer you a pico projector, the MPro-110. In August 2009 they’ve published their 2nd production projector, the MPro-120 (here’s our review), and have recently included the MPro-150 (here is our inspection).

You may follow 3M Pico Projector information here.

3M’s official website


AAXA premiered in 2008 in Taiwan as a pico-projector and micro projector manufacturer. The organization delivers a broad assortment of projectors, according to LED LCoS, laser LCoS and DLP technology.

AAXA’s official website

Asia Optical

Asia Optical is established in Taiwan and can be included mostly with Optics: capsules, lenses, fiber optics, imaging, DVDs and much more. Asia Optical has both projectors that have laser beam steering (producing the modules for Microvision) and DLP established pico projectors.

Asia Optical’s official website

BTendo is an Israeli firm (based in 2006) focusing on laser-scanning/MEMS established Pico Projector modules – offering those to standalone projector manufacturers or as an embeddable module within mobile devices.

We’ve seen bTendo in May 2009, they’ve given us a great presentation and data in their projection modules…


Citizen Finetech Miyota (a portion of the Citizen group) provides high precision parts (like quartz, ceramics and magnets), LCDs, sensing apparatus and optical apparatus. CFM can be a producer of digital viewfinders (EVFs, used in electronic cameras and other goods) based on the ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLCOS).

In 2012 September CFM have purchased Micron’s DisplayTech FLCOS surgeries, making microdisplays used in pico projectors.

CFM’s official website


Coretronic is a supplier of projection and display options, based in Taiwan. Coretronic makes DLP projectors, also claims to have about 15% worldwide market share.

Coretronic’s official website


Screen Photonics

Screen Photonics Systems (DPS) is a brand new startup which has developed brand new single-panel projection technologies known as Angular Color Projection (ACP). They assert that their answer is significantly more efficient, smarter, smaller and more economical than present alternatives.

DPS has already been allowed some patents and made a fully working prototype. They are presently looking for funding to finish product development and generate a pilot manufacturing line in China.

Here is more information about their ACP tech.

Screen Photonics’ official website


EpiCrystals (established in Finland) are creating laser merchandise for pico projectors based in their DeCIBEL technology. According to the firm, DeCIBEL lasers will supply the very best picture quality and cheapest speckle.

EpiCrystals’ first item, a green laser diode is anticipated to hit the marketplace in early 2012.

EpiCrystal’s official website

Explay was an Israeli startup focused on Pico Projectors, also so were purchased by ADM (for just $555,000) towards the end of 2009. Explay were functioning on a pico-projector module, but also wished to create standalone projector (to be known as the OiO) – however it is not clear if they’re still working on this.

Back in September 2010, Explay declared that their modules are currently shipping to customers, plus they anticipate merchandise at approximately February 2011.

Greenlight optics

Greenlight Optics provides technology products and services to assist companies to develop or incorporate the most recent picoprojector technology. They provide off-the-shelf and custom motors, concept analysis, optical and system design, design, manufacturing design, and production.

Greenlight optics official website

Our latest review:


Himax Technologies is a fabless driver IC design firm founded in 2001, Headquartered in Tainan, Taiwan. Himax designs, develops, and markets complete driver IC options for various TFT-LCD software along with the provider features LCoS established pico-projector solutions.

Himax’s pico-projector module have been used by numerous businesses, including Nikon within their s1000pj camera. The business declared a brand new SVGA module in January 2011. It is possible to read the most recent pico-projector information from Himax here.

Himax’s official website


Lemoptix is growing MEMS based (LBS) laser pico projector modules. Lemoptix is established in Switzerland has been spun-off in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

In August 2010, Lemoptrix increased $1.4 million, and in September 2010 they’ve revealed a prototype of the mild module. The business has been obtained by Intel at 2015.

Lemoptix’s website

Light Blue Optics has it’s origin in the United Kingdom, it is a firm working towards touch-enabled Holographic Laser Projection modules. These modules encourage WVGA-QVGA pictures at 10 lumens. LBO’s proprietary technologies comewith ann ultra-wide throw angle along with the capability to fix optical aberrations using applications. These attributes empower LBO’s miniature projection methods to change between standard front projection on a wall and also a publication table-down projection mode in which the unit is set on a table and the content is projected down on the surface facing it. They also include a infrared touch detector.

In January 2010, LBO has declared their first solution, the Light Touch. We posted a meeting with their BizDev supervisor in August 2009. Read the most recent pico projector information out of LBO here.

LBO’s official website

Lite-On Technology (based in Taiwan) is a supplier of innovative products such as imaging products, enclosures, power supplies and LEDs. Lite-On has over 35,000 workers and 37 factories globally.

Lite-On is growing LCoS pico-projector modules and standalone projectors in an ODM basis. They expect to begin shipping modules in Q2 or Q3 2010.

Lite-On’s official website

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