Anker Nebula Capsule – A Smart Mini Projector


The Nebula Capsule is a small projector that resembles a soda can in its form factor. The design seems to be fresh and out-of-the-box although it’s eye-catchy and cute. So, you must determine whether it’s profitable to pay the price of this can-sized gadget.

The primary features are its great form factor, sturdy construction, long battery life, and plays multiple media. 

Why Do We Use the Nebula Capsule Projector?

The Pico projector market got the first offering from Anker in the form of a Nebula Capsule. The projector neither carries a huge weight nor does it acquire more than a few millimeters which are worth the size of soda worth 12 oz.

In comparison to the plain old coke, Nebula weighs around 70 grams more. For a pixel resolution of 854*480, it delivers 100 ANSI lumens with its compact can-shaped form. Compared to your full-sized home projector, Nebula delivers up to 1/20th of brightness for 100 ANSI lumens. An extra width besides maintaining a standard definition (480p) of resolution helps it to achieve 16:9 – more of which has been discussed in the review.

The projector acquires a great look with its speaker owing to its unique design and other critical aspects. It provides for internal storage worth 8 GB and the battery enables a quick-charge to ensure playing the projector mode for 4 hours.

  • Limited resolution – doesn’t let you explore
  • Not very bright – doesn’t look that bright for all its high-quality features
  • No Google Play store – the absence of Google Play Store restricts the availability of some key apps.
  • Noisy fan – distorts the sound quality
  • Bit more expensive – charges more out-of-pocket as compared to the other contemporaries.

The Nebula Capsule depicts some restrictions when used as a projector, but if you’re looking for enhanced performance for a similar price range, then it is one ideal option for you to consider.

The Nebula Capsule often projects a small opening through the layers of the can, which is about the size of a quarter. Besides the absence of a removable cover, you will need to cope with the absence of any built-in lens.

You should use the storage bag for keeping the projector when you aren’t using it. To do your focus adjustment, you can make use of the small gear-wheel that stays put adjacent to the lens. It doesn’t come with any auto key-stoning and focus adjustment.

There is a directional pad over the projector that yields simple interactions with the gadget. The bottom and rear surface of the projector are the only visible points or ports. 

The nebula is very popular despite so many upgrades being made to Nebula II. You must remember all of these points while placing your order for the mini projector. You will hardly come across a better option within this price range. Even its successor may not be a better deal with a lower price tag.

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