LG PH300 – With Built-in Digital TV Tuner


LG PH300 is a very small projector that you may use for stand-alone requirements. There’s no need to use cables. It facilitates portability with its built-in battery. At the back, you have a USB 2.0 port that supports internal processing for accessing specific files that are frequently used for playing via USB sticks. You can place the projector on a tripod inside your home. It is very convenient for the user.

Why Do We Buy the LG PH300?       

Randomly using the LG projector is not uncommon, especially when it comes to clever inputs, inbuilt battery, and small size. You can check it back on the tripod and there’s also no need to worry about managing any wire until it needs further juice. All that the power adapter needs is a wall outlet.

  • The projector is well-equipped for running video files specifically; the big screens don’t always deliver a crystal clear display of text from your laptop, especially those near the edges. DLP chip is the technology used for projecting and the device offers a native resolution of 1280 x 720.

  • The source of LED light has a preset 30,000 hours of life to support 300 lumens of brightness rating. The 40in screen size achieves some 1.5m of throw distance. Again from 1.5m, the size of the screen appeared smaller than when assumed at 38.5in. It allows you to hold your projections from a gap of 3.4m that delivers an 86.6in screen size diagonally.

  • The projector seemed a good fit to deliver DOC and XLS files. It supports the screen-by-screen display of long doc files. You can migrate to the next page very easily simply by clicking on the arrows. Under all circumstances, you may choose to depend on your laptop if you wish to deliver a corporate presentation with the projector.

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  • When you utilize battery power, the screen appears a bit dull and turns pale unless the setting is completely dark.

  • The projector is capable of accessing USB sticks for displaying XLSX, PPT, DOCX, XLS, DOC, and PDFs theoretically. Such files are displayed with the help of the file viewer, although it could also mean hit and miss on some occasions. Some of the users have complained about not being able to open the PDFs quite often.

  • A large section of the projector users hasn’t been able to use it due to its high price. So pricing is also a major restricting factor towards the distribution of the product.

The Verdict

The LG PH300 is a great option for use at home. You may simply begin projecting by hooking up a stick after you sit on the tripod. It’s quite convenient to use the projector both at home or in the office. Your preferred power outlet may be attached to a power cord for back up. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to experience those long sessions at Netflix with limited battery power.

The MHL support is another USP of the projector that enables you to fit in your smart-phone cable with the HDMI port (via the USB port of the phone). However, it may not deliver a smooth experience while surfing content.


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