LG PH550 – Best Wireless Pico Projector from LG


LG PH550 is your best option to share presentations and movies regardless of whether you’re at home or office. It delivers high-definition crisp and clear images of 1280 x 720 native resolutions. The presentations are bound to turn smoother when you use Android or Windows smart devices.

Why Do We Choose the LG PH550?

The PH550 comes with an LED display lasting for 30,000 hours that accounts for 10 years of usage at around 8 hours per day.

The TV tuner works effectively and the files run smoothly with an advanced user interface. To appear more versatile, the USB port helps the projector connect to files constituting photos, audio, documents, and videos. You also have nice input options like the video or audio in along with mirroring, RCA, RGB, HDMI, and screen-sharing options.

  • TV tuner setup seems so smooth with Auto Scan due to the manual channel control options. Alongside the auto-off timer features, the projector comes with a snooze and built-in clock. Alongside 3D video projection options, it provides for the PIN code set up to facilitate parental controls.

  • In the absence of a Bluetooth speaker, the speakers yield quality sound even while consuming only 1 watt. You will have substantial battery power left even after using the internal speakers continuously for a couple of hours. The projector recognizes NTFS, FAT32, Ex FAT and several other options besides throwing any size at it.

  • You may even test media files in different formats like that of .XVID, .MP4, .MOV, .MPG, .MKV, .TS, M2TS, .VOB, .DIVX, .WMV, and .AVI. Likewise, you may even play .MP3, .M4A, .WMA, .OGG, and .AAC among the audio formats very smoothly.

  • Auto Keystone (vertical) makes it a perfect fit for Digital Keystone Correction. Even before reaching the lens, the image signal is rectified digitally by utilizing the internal image scalers. How the projected picture gets mounted horizontally helps in flipping it with the help of Auto PJT mode. The projected picture is flipped automatically in a way that its right side is up. It is a nice feature that provides for multiple mounting options as compared to the standard mounting option.

  • When you resume the play option after fast-forwarding a few large video files, you may witness off-bit lip-sync; you will witness sync back up when you pause and restart it. You may have experienced such an issue with several devices while playing video files of larger sizes as playback is resumed following a fast forward.

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  • Although not a very prominent con, you won’t succeed in labeling any digital channel that gets dispatched by the cable provider. You may check things out on your own and come out with a cheat sheet that helps you in identifying the channels at a much faster pace.

  • You are bound to achieve a great purchase deal while considering the amount that you’d spend towards buying a TV with a large screen, a Bluetooth speaker, and a networked DVD player. These days, you will easily come across DVD players that are equipped with apps belonging to most streaming services like Netflix.


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