Miroir M45 – A Micro Projector with a Difference


Driven by TI DLP technology, Miroir Micro Projector M45 yields crystal clear and bright images that fit in with the screen size of 50 inches. The Miroir M45 Micro Projector optimizes its performance with this advanced technology for delivering customized images as per the need of the user. The user has the option to set things by connecting the projector with any device of his choice in advance.

Check Out the Pros and Cons of the Projector At a Glance

  • The fact that the projector comes with HDMI port enables the user to connect it to a whole new range of devices like your mobile phone, laptop, and tablet that live up to his preferences.
  • Miroir M45 Micro Projector enables you to connect to devices like that of tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and smart-phones and several other media devices that help in streaming videos. The projector can even be connected to your camera very easily. You may even connect it to cameras in a similar manner. This is the benefit of having an HDMI port.

  • The TI DLP projector is equipped with a rechargeable built-in battery that offers a projection time of two hours, which ensures high-quality entertainment for a pretty long time frame. Another great in-built feature is its speakers that produce uniform sound quality. If you’re inclined towards loud music, you may simply connect a few external speakers via a 3.5mm audio jack.

  • Devices like the Miroir M45 Micro Projector may sometimes need a special adapter to be connected with Apple tablets and smart-phones. There is also a rechargeable built-in battery present in the Miroir M45 projector. For a single charge, it gives you a back up worth 2 hours of continuous entertainment. The high-quality sound delivered by the speakers is low for parties and yet very smooth and clear.

  • The image quality delivered by the projector is quite reliable, crisp and bright due to the presence of Texas instruments. You may project images up to 50” and the experts will often advise that you either charge the HDMI stick for streaming or charge the smart-phone substantially before running the projector.

  • The 2 built-in speakers that you come across would consume 1W of power and ensure smooth sound even while you are on the move. However, as said earlier, you may choose to connect it to external speakers for louder sound output.

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  • You may need to buy model-specific digital AV adapters for tablets and smart-phones. But you mustn’t forget that these adapters won’t come with the package; you will need to place an order for adapters separately.

  • The Miroir M45 is a great companion regardless of whether you are at the garage door, boardroom or at the backyard of the house. You may even choose to place it at the ceiling of your bedroom and share your content. You will find it a much convenient option to spread content even in those remote corners of your household or office.

  • It is super compact, runs on a rechargeable battery and seems very light in weight. Both your colleagues and family members are bound to witness and cherish a remarkable experience!


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