Philips PPX4010 Portable LED Projector


One of the smallest projectors on Earth, the Philips PPX4010 Portable LED projector is specifically designed to match your PC or laptop. It is one of the fastest running projectors that possess an input lag of 17 ms, which is considered to be lightning-quick.

You can place it within your shirt-pocket very easily and yet find space for your spectacles and smart-phone. Being only 2.93 ounces in weight, it measures 0.87” x 2.7” x 2.6” and can be lifted very easily. All you need to pay is a mere $299.99 for this small but effective gadget.


You are bound to acquire bright images with the help of its HDMI port that supports all laptops. While addressing a small group, you can mirror the images in a conference room very effectively as the images are measured at 71 and their brightness is worth 100 lumens.

It comes with a VGA or 480p wide-format version that supports innumerable PowerPoint presentations with an 854×480 resolution, although it’s not up to the standard in today’s fast-paced world.

Picture Quality

Compared to many other pocket projectors, the quality of the picture is much better with the PPX4010. The native resolution of 854×480 enables it to share a limitation of picture quality. However, there isn’t any issue with the rainbow artifacts unless you shift your glance back and forth with a single image very quickly.

The PPX4010 isn’t really meant for mirroring videos; the HDMI port ensures easy connectivity to your device while playing videos. You may even choose to use your PC for playing videos. Although you don’t have any 3D support, the image quality is quite attractive.

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Input lag 

You are bound to be delighted by the 17.2 ms input lag as shown by the Bodnar meter. It is the quickest that you may perceive with any projector. 


PPX4010 will fit in well with the sub-3 ounce category if the projectors had any feather-weight category. It is a good option if you want to carry the projector while moving between places.

Mini-HDMI port 

It ensures easy connectivity with the help of a mini-HDMI port. You may use VGA adapters when your PC is restricted to VGA. 

LED light source 

The LED light source used by PPX4010 is designed to run throughout its life, which is estimated to be 30,000 hours by the manufacturer.


The projector appears with a one-year warranty that covers the LEDs.



The resolution of 854×480 is rarely supported by a modern PC. You ought to set it at a different resolution setting. In spite of making the necessary adjustments, it might seem difficult for the unit to read fine detailing and texts. You might consider choosing the 640×480 setting for the PC if you want to view spreadsheets and text documents.

Color Preset Modes 

You can enjoy a single color-preset mode with the PPX4010. Besides a triple-position switch for custom brightness and the focus control, you don’t find any settings or menus.


You will need to buy an extra adapter for $49.99 if your laptop supports a display port in place of the HDMI port.

These are just a few important aspects that can help you compare PPX4010 with the other portable LED projectors and pick the best option.

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