RIF6 CUBE – An Affordable Mobile Projector


The RIF6 Cube is a small and graceful projector that projects your project work from any microSD card or the screens of your smart devices. It shows areas of opportunity in video quality, but it’s efficient in casual use.

Why Do We Pick the RIF6 Cube?

The durable aluminum body of the RIF6 Cube keeps up with the time regardless of whether you use it at home or while you’re on the move. You may wrap it’s tripod around a pole quite flexibly or mount it on the wall sturdily. Once you make yourself in your seat, you can use it in a very flexible manner with the help of the remote controller. It will reach you with a 1-year warranty. With 50 lumens of rated brightness and 854 x 480 pixels of native resolution, the picture quality looks pretty decent in complete darkness.

  • It’s a flexible tripod that proves to be a nice option for traveling and even comes with a rechargeable battery. The square-cube stretches for 2 inches and weighs only 5 ounces, unlike other mini projectors.

  • The projector is bound to remain in place with a little tripod bearing a bracket on top. Out of all mini projectors that have been launched recently, the RIF6 Cube deserves special mention. The abilities and features of the Cube are quite impressive. Besides, the projector looks perfect with its sound and images in spite of weighing only 0.3 pounds and measuring 2 x 2 x 19 inches.

  • The package involves a lot of accessories turning it into a nice option especially while keeping with a low price tag.

  • RIF6 proves to be effective in spite of its small size. It lacks USB or VGA port besides lacking the key connectivity options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, it can reflect other devices besides supporting microSD cards and offering an MHL/HDMI port.

  • The run-time of the internal battery is up to 1 hour and 30 minutes, which is good enough for running a short movie or most presentations. It utilizes its USB Micro port for the recharging purpose. You may enjoy the movie marathon simply by putting it into the socket in your wall.

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  • It doesn’t offer Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi.

  • It shows close resemblance with Apeman M4, which doesn’t yield much clarity when the lighting conditions are moderately bright.
  • The colors seemed a bit hyper-saturated even when they never felt fully accurate.

  • For instance, when the darker objects were projected on the screen, the gradient details weren’t visible.

  • Even when you explore the ability to adjust the focus manually, you won’t achieve any sharp definition of the focus.

  • It comes with a 1-Watt speaker that yields thin sound. You may connect the projector to your external speaker or use a headphone.

  • It works fine when you stay closer to it, but if you run it in a large hall, then it might not be sufficient.

The Verdict

The RIF6 Cube charges a budget-friendly rate for all its functionalities and for delivering a decent performance. However, you should remember that it has specific areas of opportunity in the form of connectivity options and newly improved audiovisual performance.


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