Sony MP-CD1 – A Top End Mobile Projector


Home projectors deliver the long-cherished large-screen experience while viewing TV shows and movies within the comfort of your home. You may even try them for playing smart games with your phone. The Sony MP-CD1 is leading the others by far. It provides for that long-awaited giant screen irrespective of your geographical position. You may use it for some entertainment or for delivering your business presentations.

At the same time, you must prepare yourself for shedding a large amount while procuring it from the market. Let’s review the projector and find out if its quality and pricing are justifiable for a popular brand like Sony.

 Why Do You Buy Sony MP-CD1?

The Sony MP-CD1 has a sturdy build quality and it mirrors a compact initial look without any pun intended. It feels great when you take a look at the matte finish of the projector’s body. Weighing just 280g, the body acquires 16x83x150mm besides ensuring such great build quality. It appears premium owing to its minimalism.

There is just a single button on the device as it’s meant for switching on and off. In the absence of a zoom effect, you can set the focus of an image manually with the help of a small slider. However, the focus of the image can be changed drastically by a slight movement; it seems to be causing a bit of limitation. It turns much easier for use when you get used to the sensitivity. Once set, it stays put to the same spot luckily.

For charging, the Sony MP-CD1 utilizes a port of the USB Type-C. You will find another port of the USB (Type-A) adjacent to it, but that supports power output. For sourcing input, you can use the HDMI 1.4b port. To facilitate screen mirroring by tethering your phone to the Sony MP-CD1, the HDMI port meets the MHL standard.

The audio output is rightly delivered by the 3.5mm jack. There is a 1W speaker attached to the unit that follows the Sony spec sheet. The headphone jack delivers a smooth output.

  • Cool looks
  • Big battery worth 5,000mAh
  • Great projection quality
  • Fast Charging devices with USB output
  • The built-in speaker has some issues
  • No tilting up due to the absence of kickstand
  • Resolution is quite low for a high price

The Sony MP-CD1 is well-conceived and outperforms all other portable projectors. It develops crisp and clear images, produces colors in the right balance and ensures a large screen experience while watching TV shows and movies, especially in darkness. You will even fall in love with the MHL connectivity and power bank function.

It doesn’t come with the kickstand but in spite of an in-built speaker, it requires another external one, which is another con. It seems a bit expensive when you buy a portable projector for Rs 29,990 specifically when the resolution of the output isn’t that great.

However, you must have counted Sony among the most popular brands that develop portable projectors much to the satisfaction of the buyers. You can’t be disappointed when you find a device that gives you the much-needed peace of mind with its simple features and good looks.


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